The Brass Tacks of Middle Atlantic Racks

Tuesday, January 26, 2010



Welcome to Part 2 of The Brass Tacks of Middle Atlantic Racks.  Here we will profile each of Middle Atlantic's Audio/Video rackmount systems to help you get an idea of which system is right for your application and budget.  


Middle Atlantic Audio/Video Rack Systems

Middle Atlantic SRSR Series 19" Rotating Sliding Rail System        


The SRSR racks are among the most popular A/V racks on the market.  This is pretty much the go-to rack for most people that just want a versatile in-wall rack at a good price.   Flush-mount the rack in a wall and then rackmount your equipment in black brushed and anodized RSH4A custom shelves.  Add HBL blank filler panels in between equipment to keep the black brushed and anodized finish going for a slick look.  It then slides out and rotates, locking in at either 60° or 90° for access to your component connections.  Snap on Middle Atlantic's TA trim strip panel over the screws, and purchase some molding from your local hardware store to get a beautiful and highly functional flush-mount rack without breaking the bank.   Used for small to medium sized A/V systems. 

  • Style: Slides out and rotates up to 90°                        
  • Mounts: In a wall cut-out (flush-mount)                         
  • Rackmount Height: 12U to 30U                                  
  • Weight Capacity: 125, 200, 250 lbs.    
  • External Depths:  19 or 23 in.                      
  • External Width: 19.125 in.  (minimum cut-out requirement is 19.25 in.)                                       
  • Rails: Front and rear 10-32 threaded                           
  • Notable Options: Brush gasket        
  • Inexpensive shipping via UPS/Fedex                           
  • Price Range: Less than $500                                               

          Middle Atlantic's SRSR Technical PDF                                                  

          Middle Atlantic SRSR Rotating In-Wall Racks                          



    Middle Atlantic Slim 5 Series 19" Equipment Racks



The Slim 5 series racks are another very popular choice for a well-rounded and inexpensive A/V rackmount system.  These racks ship knocked down via common carrier and require minimal time to put together.  The great thing about these racks, aside from the very attractive price range, is the versatility and wide variety of applications they serve.   They can be used for small systems at 8U or 14U, or you can take it all the way up to 43U for a full system.  It holds up to 400 lbs, so it will easily handle the majority of residential A/V systems out there.  In addition to the wide range of dimensional options, it has a bunch of extras, such as steel or wood grain finished side panels, multiple front door options,  or an integrated fan top.  It can be placed free standing in a room, on a desk, in a closet, or flush mount it in your wall (make sure you have rear access from the room behind it).  Or get a set of Slim 5 caster wheels or their skirted wheel base to make it mobile.


  • Style: 4-post open frame                       
  • Apps: In a wall cut-out, floor standing, mobile, cabinet                        
  • Rackmount Height: 8U, 14U, 21U, 29U, 37U, 43U                                 
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.                          
  • External Width: 19.125 in.  (cut-out requirement is 19.25 in.)      
  • External Depths: 20 or 26 in.                                 
  • Rails: Front and rear 10-32 threaded                           
  • Notable Options: Add sides, a top and doors to make it a full enclosure      
  • Inexpensive shipping via UPS/Fedex                           
  • Price Range: Less than $200 to $400    

             Middle Atlantic's Slim 5 Technical PDF File

             Middle Atlantic Slim 5 A/V Rack Systems



    Middle Atlantic ERK 19" Stand-Alone Rack Enclosures



With ERK racks you get a lot for what you pay for.  Middle Atlantic somehow manages to keep these fully welded rack enclosures affordable for most budgets despite having a super strong steel frame that can hold up to 2500 lbs, keylocked rear door, and welded side panels, as well as a host of well engineered extras.  These include rear and top electrical, UHF/VHF, fan knock-out plates, bottom cable entry, grounding/bonding studs installed in the base, and side-panel knock-outs for running cables out.  Just add a front door of your choice and you've got a full enclosure to hold just about any A/V system out there at a seriously good price.  Like the Slim 5, there are many different applications that these can be used for - buy an 18U , 21U, or 27U plus a set of caster wheels and you've got a nice inexpensive portable studio rack.  Stick it in a closet, attic, basement, or mount it on a base and flush-mount it in the wall with RSH shelves or a plexiglas door.  Pre-configured kits are also available, which pack in all the extras you need for power, cable management, equipment mounting, and thermal management.  New knock-down models allow for fast and inexpensive shipping with minimal set-up time.


  • Style: 4-post with welded sides and rear door (ask for LRD version if no rear door is required)                       
  • Apps: In a wall cut-out, floor standing, portable, closet                        
  • Rackmount Height: 18U, 21U, 27U, 35U, 40U, 44U                                 
  • Weight Capacity: 2500 lbs. (add ERK-Z4 to add 650 lbs for seismic certification)                         
  • External Width: 22 in.    
  • External Depths: 20 or 25 in.                                 
  • Rails: Front pair of 10-32 threaded                           
  • Notable Options: casters, vented front/rear doors, many different top fan panels                          
  • Price Range: $400 to $600  

             Middle Atlantic's ERK Technical PDF File

             Middle Atlantic ERK 4-Post Rack Enclosures



    Middle Atlantic WR Series Roll Out Rotating System



The award winning WR series roll out rack offers one of the most complete rackmount solutions available with an integrated slide-out and rotate rack within the host enclosure.   The internal rackmount system can be pulled out and rotated, eliminating the need for extras like slide-tracks or stands.   These racks are particularly useful for saving space in larger scale equipment bays.   Since you have quick and easy access to the rear of your components from the front, they can be pushed up against a wall or put back to back to maximize the overall rackmount density in your equipment room.   They are also gangable.  Internal depth ranges from 26" to 36", while weight capacity is rated for 750 lbs, allowing for mounting of just about any piece of A/V equipment out there.  Many effective solutions have also been built in for ventilation and cable management.   One more bonus is that the internal rack system is detachable, allowing for off-site maintenance.


  • Style: 4-post rack mounted within a host cabinet enclosure                       
  • Applications: residential and pro A/V systems, large equipment rooms, servers and network components                    
  • Rackmount Height: 24U, 37U, 44U                                
  • Weight Capacity: 750 lbs.                        
  • External Width: 24 in.    
  • External Depths: 32.88, 42.88 in.                                 
  • Rails: Front and rear 10-32 threaded                           
  • Notable Options: front doors, rear access panel                       
  • Price Range: $1100 to $1400 

             Middle Atlantic's WR Series Technical PDF File

             Middle Atlantic WR Roll-Out Rack Cabinets



    Middle Atlantic AXS Rack System for Millwork and In-Wall Applications



Middle Atlantic's AXS rack (sounds like "access")  is the most popular solution for in-wall, closet, or millwork rackmount systems where rear access is restricted.  The amount of dimensional choices and optional components is unparalled.   Mount the rack in a wall cut-out or closet, and then pick between one of three service stand height ranges to allow for the rack to slide out on an optional track, giving you rear access to your components.   The wide range of rackmount height options (10U to 43U), depth ranges (16, 20, or 26 in.), as well as options for cable management, stands, tracks and fan kits make it the optimal choice for someone who wants a very specific custom A/V rackmount system.  If you are looking for a rack to slide out on a stand and rotate, then look up the AXS's sister rack, the AX-SXR series.


  • Style: 4-post frame slides out on a track                  
  • Applications: residential and pro A/V systems                    
  • Rackmount Height: 10U through 43U                               
  • Weight Capacity: 650 lbs.                        
  • External Width: 19.125 in.  (minimum rough opening width is 19.25 in.) 
  • Frame Depths: 16, 20, 26 in.                                
  • Rails: Front and rear 10-32 threaded                           
  • Notable Options: 25 or 48 in. track slide, 3 through 40 in. service stands, brush gasket, fan kits                 
  • Price Range: $500 to $600

             Middle Atlantic's AXS Series Technical PDF File

             Middle Atlantic AXS Slide-Out Home Theater Racks



    Middle Atlantic SRS Sliding Rack Rail System



Use Middle Atlantic's SRS sliding rackrail system to mount smaller A/V equipment into cabinets, wall cut-outs or entertainment centers.   Used specifically for components that have shallow depths, the SRS rack will pull out 19 inches, allowing for access to rear cabling connections.   Enclosed locking hardware keeps the rack fixed and secure.  Mounting heights range from 8U to 20U, with 2-slide weight capacity at 125 lbs, and 4-slide capacity at 250 lbs. 


  • Style: 4-post frame slides out out of a cabinet, cut-out or entertainment center                
  • Applications: small residential A/V systems                    
  • Rackmount Height: 8U through 20U                              
  • Weight Capacity: 125 or 250 lb.                      
  • External Width: 19.125 in.  (minimum rough opening width is 19.25 in.) 
  • Frame Depth: 19 in.                                
  • Rails: Full front and 7U rear 10-32 tapped/threaded                        
  • Notable Options: cable carrier, brush gasket kit                
  • Price Range: $300 to $400

             Middle Atlantic's SRS Series Technical PDF File

             Middle Atlantic SRS Sliding Rack Rails



    Middle Atlantic ASR Home Theater Rotating Shelving System



Used for mounting A/V equipment into custom cabinetry or entertainment centers, the ASR series sliding rotating adjustable shelving system significantly reduces time spent on installation and maintenance of your equipment.  A self-centering base and self-leveling mounting shelves help to simplify and quicken assembly.  Locking detents protect scuffing against your millwork or cabinet.  A host of solutions are also built in for thermal and cable management.   The most complete option for mounting A/V equipment in an entertainment center. 


  • Style: 4-post frame slides out out of a cabinet, cut-out or entertainment center                
  • Applications: small residential A/V systems                    
  • Number of Shelves: 4 through 9                             
  • Weight Capacity: 200 or 250 lbs.                      
  • Width: 18.25 in.                      
  • Notable Options: HD models include trim kit,  vented shelving, higher weight capacity and more shelves              
  • Price Range: Economical for standard ASR series, medium range prices for the ASR-HD models

             Middle Atlantic's ASR Series Technical PDF File

             Middle Atlantic ASR Home Theater Shelving System



    Middle Atlantic CFR Cabinet Frame Racks



Middle Atlantic's new CFR cabinet frame racks are used for rackmounting equipment into pre-built enclosures like cabinets, lecterns, or podiums.  This is another sturdy rack that is also detachable, allowing for off-site maintenance.  Another smart thing that Middle Atlantic did with the CFR racks is engineer them to be as low-profile as possible, which allows them to be fit and mounted in most standard sized cabinets or credenzas.  Mounting height ranges from 8U to 14U, so this rack is ideal for smaller A/V systems. 


  • Style: 4-post frame mounts in credenzas, podiums and cabinets             
  • Applications: small audio/video systems                    
  • Rack Spacing: 8U through 14U                           
  • Depths: 16 or 18 in.                     
  • Width: 19.25 in.                      
  • Notable Options: low friction runner kit, which allows you to smoothly slide out the rack without damaging your furniture          
  • Price Range: Around $200

             Middle Atlantic's CFR Rack Technical PDF File

             Middle Atlantic CFR Cabinet Frame Racks



   Middle Atlantic MRK Gangable Rackmount Enclosures



Middle Atlantic's MRK gangable rack is a monster.  This rack is made of heavy-gauge steel and includes laser cut 1/8" steel braces which bring its static load capacity to 10,000 lbs., or 2500 lbs. UL listed.  Somehow Middle Atlantic is still able to make this rack slimline at 22 inches of external width, making it ideal for large multi-enclosure bays where a bunch of them can be ganged together.  A wide range of mounting depths (26, 31, 36 or 42 in.) and a ton of engineered extras like a configurable top, keylocked rear door, ground/bond stud installed at the base, front and rear pairs of 10-32 threaded rack rails make this rack a complete solution for larger A/V systems, as well as for server rooms.   Like the ERK series, Middle Atlantic has put together pre-configured MRK rack kits.  Kits are tailored to A/V, digital recording, and network recording applications. 


  • Style: 4-post half or full rack enclosure               
  • Applications: larger A/V and DVR systems, server and networking equipment                    
  • Rackmount Height: 24U, 37U, 40U, 44U                         
  • Weight Capacity: 2500 lbs. UL, 10,000 lbs. static load                  
  • External Width: 22.16 in.
  • External Depths: 26, 31, 36, 42 in.                             
  • Rails: Front and rear pairs of 10-32 threaded                     
  • Notable Options: Pre-configured kits, caster wheels, solid sides, plexi/mesh/vent/solid front doors, ganging hardware            
  • Price Range: $600 to $1000 (excellent for this rack)

             Middle Atlantic's MRK Series Technical PDF File

             MRK Gangable Rack Enclosures



    Middle Atlantic RK, BRK, OBRK, MBRK Laminate Finish Racks



Middle Atlantic's laminate racks come in three wood-grain finishes: black, oak, or maple.  These racks are used for small, quick to install A/V systems.  Included hex key and hardware allows for assembly in minutes.  A sloped 2-part rolling rack cart model is also available (#SRK).  These are very nice and simple racks that are very economical.  A plethora of options like plexi front door, casters, and quick position mounting shelves allow you turn these racks into a complete studio kit without spending too much. 


  • Style: 2-post with sides             
  • Applications: smaller A/V systems                 
  • Rackmount Height: 2U, 4U, 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U, 20U, 28U                       
  • Weight Capacity: 200 or 250 lbs. depending on model                 
  • External Width: 20.5 in.
  • External Depths: 16, 18, 22, 28 in.                       
  • Rails: Front pair of 10-32 threaded                     
  • Notable Options: caster wheels, Quick-Position shelving (no screws needed), rear access panel         
  • Price Range: $100 to $300

             Middle Atlantic's RK/BRK/OBRK/MBRK Series Technical PDF File

             Laminate BRK Series Rack Systems



    Middle Atlantic REB Rotating Sliding Base



Use Middle Atlantic's REB series sliding rotating rail base to mount a small amount of A/V equipment into an entertainment center, allowing you to pull it out and rotate it up to 60 ° for easy rear access.  Two models available-- the REB-14 gives 13 inches of depths, while the REB-18 gives you 17 inches of depth.  Each with a very low-profile height of 2 inches.  Ideal for mounting a small system-- ie: DVD player, cable box and Xbox 360.


  • Style: fixed base with swivel system          
  • Applications: smaller A/V set-ups in an entertainment center                
  • Height: 2 in.                       
  • Weight Capacity: 75 lbs.              
  • Minium Rough Opening Width: 17.13 in.
  • Depths: 13, 17 in.                     
  • Price Range: Around $150

             Middle Atlantic's REB Series Technical PDF File

             Middle Atlantic REB Sliding Rack Base



   Middle Atlantic DWR Series Sectional Wall Mount Rack Enclosures


The DWR series is Middle Atlantic's signature wall mount rack series.  Once you start to actually look into the features and benefits of these extremely well engineered racks you will see why they are so popular.  Basically, in keeping with tradition, Middle Atlantic offers such a wide offering of dimensions, integrated extras, and options that it's hard to imagine that there isn't a configuration available for your particular application.   Mounting heights range from a small 10U rack all the way up to 35U, with usable depths of 15, 20, 24 and 30 inches.  Heavy-duty welded steel construction allows for mounting of up to 300 lbs of equipment.  Includes several built-in cable management options.  Install a plexiglas, vented or solid front door for a fully enclosed wall rackmounting solution for network or A/V systems.


  • Style: Wall mount rack enclosure              
  • Applications: small, medium or large A/V and network systems                   
  • Rackmount Height: 10U, 12U, 16U, 18U, 21U, 24U, 35U                         
  • Weight Capacity: 200, 250, or 300 lbs. depending on model            
  • Rackmounting Width: 19.00 in.
  • External Depths: 15, 20, 24, 30 in.                             
  • Rails: Front 10-32 threaded                     
  • Notable Options: fan kits, cover plate, front doors, vent blocking kits
  • Built in: Minimum clearance latch, UHF, VHF, UCP, electrical, cable, and fan knock-outs, grounding/bonding stud           
  • Price Range: $300 to $700

             Middle Atlantic's DWR Wall Mount Rack PDF File

             Middle Atlantic DWR Wall Mount Cabinets



    Middle Atlantic SR Series Pivoting Wall Mount Racks



Middle Atlantic's SR series pivoting wall mount rack enclosures are ideal for saving space with larger A/V and network systems.  Fully welded, this wall rack holds up to 500 lbs and pivots on a floor base for immediate access to your rear wiring terminations.  The SR series includes all of the features of the DWR series, including the minimum clearance latch, which makes these racks and their low-profile design ideal for high density racking applications. 


  • Style: Pivoting low-profile wall mount rack             
  • Applications: space-saving, high density 24U, 40U, 46U                   
  • Rackmount Height: 24U, 40U, 46U                      
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs         
  • Rackmounting Width: 19.00 in.
  • External Depths: 22, 28, 32 in.                             
  • Rails: Front 10-32 threaded                     
  • Notable Options: 89-D sub-plate mounting kit     
  • Price Range: $800 to $1200

          Middle Atlantic's SR Pivoting Wall Mount Rack PDF File

             SR Series Pivoting Wall Mount Racks


    Middle Atlantic PTRK Portable Rack Enclosures



Middle Atlantic's PTRK is a highly versatile rack used when you need something durable and portable that is going to be wheeled around or contain equipment that is not to be touched by unauthorized users.  Smooth rolling cushion casters and rubber padded spring loaded recessed handles allow for a smooth rolling rackmount solution.  Fully welded 16-gauge steel build gives it a robust 500 lbs of load capacity.   Available in 14U, 21U, or 26U configurations, with keylocked front and rear doors.  Specify the MDK model if you'd like a portable presentation rack-- includes a plexiglas front door and graphite top LCD docking station.  Also excellent for use in schools and universities where laptops and other pieces of sensitive computer equipment need to be stored and locked down between classes and then rolled into classrooms by the instructor.  For this application choose your specific number of Middle Atlantic's U1 shelves.


  • Style: Rugged portable rack, can be augmented into a presentation rack        
  • Applications: small A/V, network systems, storing laptops                  
  • Rackmount Height: 14U, 21U, 26U                    
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.          
  • External Depths: 22, 28, 32 in.                             
  • Rails: pair of adjustable threaded 10-32              
  • Notable Options: graphite top used for mounting an LCD monitor, extra rack rails
  • Built-in Extras: keylocked front and rear doors, smooth rolling cushion caster wheels, padded recessed handles
  • Price Range: $500 to $1000

          Middle Atlantic's PTRK Mobile Rack PDF File

             Middle Atlantic PTRK Portable Rack Cabinets



   Middle Atlantic WRK-24MDK Portable Presentation A/V Rack



The WRK-24MDK is a complete, elegant solution for rackmounting heavy and/or deep A/V equipment for purposes of presentation.    The speckled graphite top will accomodate your LCD or larger video monitors.  It ships pre-installed with an attractive smoked plexiglas front door, vented rear door, and the skirted caster base hides the wheels, giving this rack its slick look.  Overall, it combines well designed aesthetics with a robust feature-set  to help show off your entire A/V system as one clean presentable and portable package.


  • Style: portable/mobile rolling presentation enclosure       
  • Applications: storefront, A/V presentation              
  • Rackmount Height: 24U                    
  • Weight Capacity: 2500 lbs.          
  • External Depth: 32 in.                             
  • Rails: front pair of adjustable threaded 10-32              
  • Notable Options: universal cage nut style rack rails, 
  • Price Range: around $1200

             Middle Atlantic WRK-24MDK



    Middle Atlantic ISRK Mobile Presentation/Under Desk Rack Enclosure



Middle Atlantic's ISRK can be used as an under the desk or presentation rack.  The 15° sloped face allows you to easily access your equipment when mounted under a desk.  Fully enclosed and secure with removable hide-away locking front  door and lockable rear door.  Accomodates 12U of rackmount equipment with a load capacity rating for 200 lbs.  Abundant thermal and cabling management are built in.  Add the WS1-ISRK-21G graphite top work surface and LD-AMAXI LCD monitor mount for a full presentation or mixing/recording studio solution.


  • Style: portable/mobile rolling presentation enclosure       
  • Applications: storefront, A/V presentation              
  • Rackmount Height: 24U                    
  • Weight Capacity: 2500 lbs.          
  • External Depth: 32 in.                             
  • Rails: front pair of adjustable threaded 10-32              
  • Notable Options: universal cage nut style rack rails, 
  • Price Range: around $1200

    Middle Atlantic's ISRK PDF Tech File

             ISRK-12GY 12U Presentation Rack



By this point you should have an idea of your requirements, as well as a particular rackmount solution in mind for your A/V or home theater system.   If you still have questions you can always email or call 1-800-406-8520


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