Thermostatic Fan Controllers

     Middle Atlantic Thermostatic Cooling Rack Fan Controllers


  •  Automatically controls fans in your rack to provide proper temperature at all times
  •  Available in either 2 or 4 fan models
  •  Features 3 pre-set temp ranges, allowing customization for your exact requirements
  •  LED's indicate fan speed setting as well as on, off, or auto
  •  Call 1-800-406-8520 for assistance or if you need a quote

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        Middle Atlantic Thermostatic Rack Cooling Fan Temperature Controller


   Vendor    Part #   # of Fans Controlled
Middle Atlantic
FC-4 4 MPR Raceway
Middle Atlantic FC-4-1C 4 Stand-Alone 110V
Middle Atlantic FC-2-215-1C 2 Stand-Alone 110V