Middle Atlantic CLS-COOL Quiet-Cool Closet A/V Rack Fan Panel


  •  Designed for use in A/V systems enclosed in a closet or cabinet
  •  Use to control passive and active airflow within your rack
  •  Both 110V or 220V models available
  •  Solid oak vents can be painted to match the finish of your system
  •  Turns on to regulate temperature within your rack only when needed (85° to 87°)
  •  Call 1-800-406-8520 for assistance or if you need a quote

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        Middle Atlantic CLS-COOL Intake/Exhaust A/V Rack Closet Cooling Fan Panel


   Vendor    Part #    DBA/CFM
Airflow Controls
Middle Atlantic
CLS-COOL1 25/50 110V Passive Intake/Active Exhaust
Middle Atlantic CLS-COOL2 28/50 110V Active Intake/Active Exhaust
Middle Atlantic ICLS-COOL1 25/50 220V Passive Intake/Active Exhaust
Middle Atlantic ICLS-COOL2 28/50 220V Active Intake/Active Exhaust