Middle Atlantic 5-29-26 Rack

The 5-29-26 Slim 5 rack gives 43U of racking height for mounting audio/video equipment.

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  Middle Atlantic 5-29-26 Slim 5 Series Rack

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The Middle Atlantic 5-29-26 Slim 5 rack is used to mount audio/video or networking equipment. The 4-post structure allows for mounting heavy and deep components. The versatility of the Slim 5 rack gives a wide range of options for use, including home theater racking applications, as a stand-alone fixed enclosure, or for mobilility with a range of caster bases to choose from. Add doors, side panels and a top to add full security.  


  •  Open frame 4-point mount design increases ventilation and weight capacity
  •  Modular build allows for many different applications and complete customization
  •  Standard 19 inch wide rackmounting
  •  Tapped 10-32 rails
  •  400 lbs weight capacity 
  •  Ships knocked down via UPS 

   Specifications        Click for technical details and drawings:  

Overall height  54.5 in.                     
Usable height 50.75 in. (29U*)
Usable depth 26 in.
Load capacity 400 lbs.
Color  Black
Shipping weight 35
Rack Rails Tapped 10-32

*Note: 1U (rack unit) equals 1.75 in. or 4.445 cm

Flush mounting a Slim 5 rack will require an opening width of 19.25 inches.


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