About Us

Who we are and what we do:

Custom AV Rack sells rack equipment, cabling, and connectivity devices for residential and professional audio/video systems. We also build, install, and service custom home theater systems through our network of contracted installers.

Over the past several years we have built a vast technical knowledge base for rack and cabling equipment for the A/V, data, and security markets. This knowledge allows us to actually work with customers to figure out exactly what they need for any application. We only partner with manufacturers that share our vision of offering premium quality and innovative products. In other words, you won’t ever find cheap knock-offs built overseas, covered with a coat of presentation, and sold at a high price. And you won’t get an order taker on the phone that knows nothing about the product.

We will always work hard to ensure that your order is shipped accurately, quickly, and without damage. If you have questions, need an install, or want quantity discounts, please email sales at [email protected]

Customer Service:

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer care. Our motto here at Custom AV Rack is simple: “Treat the customer as you would like to be treated.” We are also consumers, and we understand the importance of not only having great prices, but the importance of also giving high quailty customer service.

To demonstrate our commitment to our customers, we provide the following:

  • Order online or call us for a phone order FREE of Charge
  • Low Shipping Rates
  • Low Restocking Fees (20%)
  • Prompt Email Replies
  • Tracking Update Emails
  • Fast RMA Processing

If you’re not sure what you need, please let us know and we will provide you with our expert knowledge and help you figure it out. We assess all orders to make sure that you didn’t forget anything. If you ordered something that might not fit your application we will let you know before we ship the order, just to be sure.

Environmental Policies:

Custom AV Rack realizes the importance of being an environmentally conscience company. We have implemented the following policies to do our part to help the environment:

Virtually Paperless

  • Expect your invoices and all correspondence from us to be via email
  • We hope that our customers will welcome emails as a sufficent form of communication/billing
  • We can still send paper copies upon request if you need it
  • When paper must be used we use only 100% recycled paper to ensure that we don’t add to the problem
  • We send and receive all faxes through email

We Recycle

  • All items that can be recycled are recycled
  • Shipping materials are reused or recycled


  • We encourage our staff to utilize carpooling when possible
  • Employees who elect other modes of transportation such as biking are given a small bonus each year

AC & Heat

  • We keep our AC and Heating temperatures at comfortable, but more environmentally sound temperatures
  • We only use environment-friendly lightbulbs
  • Dress appropriately is our heating and cooling policy