Sliding Shelves

     Middle Atlantic 2-Point Sliding Rack Mount Shelves


  •  Low-Profile design saves rack space and gives a versatile mounting option
  •  Mount to the front 2 posts of your 19 in. rack enclosures
  •  Useful for turn tables, keyboard/monitor/mouse, small misc. components
  •  Ball bearings allow for a smooth roll-out
  •  Call 1-800-406-8520 for assistance or if you need a quote

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        Middle Atlantic Sliding Rack Mount Shelves

  ss4 sliding rack shelf                   

Vendor Part # RMU
Lbs. Capacity
Middle Atlantic
SSL 1U 14.00 in.
35 lbs.
Middle Atlantic SS 1U 14.75 in. 50 lbs.
Middle Atlantic SS4-23VTR 4U 23.00 in. 75 lbs.
Middle Atlantic SS5-23VTR 5U 23.00 in. 75 lbs.
Middle Atlantic SSHD-28 2U 21.00 to 30.00 in. 200 lbs.