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     Middle Atlantic Clamping Vented A/V Rack Mount Shelves

     middle atlantic  

  •  Use Middle Atlantic RC and CAP shelves to secure equipment for mobile operations
  •  Fully vented design and available in rack mounting increments of 2U to 8U
  •  Rubber lined padding helps to protect equipment from scuffs and scratches
  •  Includes "L" brackets for keeping gear from sliding back and forth
  •  Call 1-800-406-8520 for technical assistance or quote

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           Middle Atlantic RC and CAP Clamping Captivation Rack Mount Shelves

                  middle atlantic rc and cap clamping rack mount shelvesMiddle Atlantic CAP5 pictured

Vendor Part # RMU
Overall Height
Lbs. Capacity
Middle Atlantic RC-2 2U 3.50 in.
50 lbs.
Middle Atlantic RC-3 3U 5.25 in.
70 lbs.
Middle Atlantic RC-4 4U 7.00 in.
85 lbs.
Middle Atlantic CAP5 5U 8.75 in. 100 lbs.
Middle Atlantic
CAP6 6U 10.50 in. 100 lbs.
Middle Atlantic CAP7 7U 12.25 in. 100 lbs.
Middle Atlantic CAP8 8U 14.00 in.
100 lbs.