4.5 in. Rack Fans

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     Middle Atlantic 4.5 Inch/120mm AC Rack Cooling Fans

     middle atlantic  

  •  Use to keep rack mount equipment cool, protecting it and prolonging its lifespan
  •  Rated for 115V, available in 50 cfm and 95 cfm models
  •  Blank panels available for rack mount integration
  •  Call 1-800-406-8520 for assistance or if you need a quote

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  Middle Atlantic 4.5 in./120mm AC Rack Quiet Fans – FAN and QFAN

              4.5 in rack fans

   Vendor    Part #   Dimensions
Middle Atlantic
FAN 4.5 in./120mm
95 cfm
Middle Atlantic QFAN 4.5 in./120mm 50 cfm

 *QFAN includes finger guard