Middle Atlantic 14U Audio/Video Studio Rack Kit

14U mobile studio rack kit w/ casters, two Quick Position rack shelves and smoked plexiglas front door.

Optional Components

SKU: 23749

  Middle Atlantic STKIT-14 Studio Rack Mount

   Middle Atlantic Rack Mount Products    MAP# STKIT-14    Questions? Email us at [email protected]


Use for audio/video studio applications using recording and mixing equipment where a mobile and nice looking racking solution is required.



  • 14U of rack spacing
  • Front smoked plexiglas door
  • 2.75 inch high caster wheels
  • Black laminate wood grain finish
  • 19 inch wide mounting
  • 18 inches of depth
  • Compact design saves space
  • Two Middle Atlantic Quick Position shelves (no need for rack screws)


Racking height 24.50 in. (14U)*
Depth 18.00 in.
Caster height 2.75 in.
Finish Black Laminate
Door Smoked Plexiglas

Kit Includes: BRK14, RK-GD14, RKW, SH-BRK x 2 *Note: 1U (rack unit) equals 1.75 in. or 4.445 cm


 Application Shots      


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